BMW M8 spotted testing at the Nurburgring, expected launch in 2018

Shots of what is apparently a mule of the soon to come BMW M8 have surfaced, after it was spotted at the Nurburgring, undergoing rigorous testing.


The 8-series is built around the CLAR platform, which is already in use by the 5-series and 7-series. This time BMW plans on launching a full-blown M8 as well.

As compared to previous spy shots, the prototype that was spotted is hidden under a seemingly different camouflage; a distinctly noticeable difference being the huge air inlets seen on the front bumper.
The brake rotors and the alloy wheels seem to be larger, and are paired with blue M callipers. It was hard to not notice the missing quad exhaust setup. Although, it could be a part of the camouflage, or it could also be a normal 8-series that comes with the M Sport package.

If it is the M8, one can expect to lift the bonnet to see the twin-turbo V8, meant to power the new M5, which offers more than 600hp channelled to either the rear, or all four wheels, through an advanced all-wheel drive system. The new M5 is rumoured to come installed with the option of a drift mode, which involves the all-wheel drive version of send the power to the rear axle, therefore it is quite likely that BMW might do the same with the M8.

BMW will be bringing back the 8-series nameplate to their new two-door coupe as an indirect replacement for the current 6-series. The company plans to add in a plug-in hybrid 840e Performance version, to the 8-series in the future. The model will use the same power train equipped by the recently revealed 740e performance.

BMW plans a reveal for the new 8-Series in 2018, with a convertible version of the same in 2019, and the M8 soon after.

Pic credits: Carscoops