Mercedes-Benz Gets Best Ever Q3 Sales, Sells Record 11869 units (Jan-Sept)

Mercedes-Benz the largest Premium car maker in the country has set new sales record for itself. The German car maker has recorded its best ever Q3, selling 4698 units in the July-September 2017 period thats +41%, July-Sept 2016 period with 3327 units. The Long Wheelbase E-Class Sedan remains the single highest selling model for Mercedes-Benz in 2017, followed closely by the C-Class Sedan. The GLC emerges as the highest selling SUV in their portfolio, closely followed by the GLE.  Mercedes-Benz has had 10 launches in the first three quarters of 2017.


Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India delightfully commented, “We firmly continue with our leadership position in the Indian luxury car market by clocking our ‘best ever’ sales results. Growing by a record 41% percent in Q3, we are glad to better our Q2 performance and continue to receive customer preference. This growth story is a direct result of our strong customer focused strategy, which has been bearing fruit. This performance gives us confidence that our strategy is in the right path and our patrons prefer our products and service. The unprecedented demand for the Long Wheelbase E-Class Sedan in particular has contributed immensely to our sales success. All our products across segments were highly appreciated by the customers resulting in a steady growth across the NGCs, sedans, SUVs and the AMG cars. We are glad to witness our India strategy working and our volume contribution to the luxury car industry on the rise. As inventors of automobiles globally and of luxury wheels in India, we remain bullish on the fast changing dynamics of the Indian automotive industry. Our market experience, impeccable customer trust and proven competitive market advantages, combined with our global competencies makes us uniquely positioned to play a leading role in defining the luxury automotive space in India. However, it always gives an additional momentum to our growth plans when the policy framework is supportive, given our contribution to the economy.”

Mercedes-Benz India has had a string of launches in 2017, Ten have been launched since January and the year is not over yet as they have promised a few more lined up for 2017. Incidentally the first three quarter sales were higher than its entire 2014 sales of 10,201 units. In 2016, the company’s total volumes stood at 13,231 units for the legendary German car maker Mercedes-Benz.