Mercedes-Benz India launches attractive & unique finance solution’s with ‘Wishbox 2.0’

India’s largest luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz today continued its initiative of exciting the market by launching yet another innovative mobility solution for the aspiring customers named, ‘Wishbox 2.0’. With its blend of unique and highly flexible financial solutions, ‘Wishbox 2.0’ introduces a host of one-of-its kind Mobility Solutions that will not only excite a customer but also financially empower them to purchase their cherished Mercedes-Benz. These custom-made financial solutions are expected to instill customer confidence and create a positive sentiment in the market. ‘Wishbox’ mobility solutions first launched by Mercedes-Benz in August 2019, was instrumental in creating customer excitement and driving positive sentiments in the luxury car market amidst the subdued market conditions that prevailed then.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

Martin Schwenk, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India Limited, said, “Customer centricity has been central to all our market strategy and at Mercedes-Benz we have developed a deep understanding of the luxury car market and that of our customers. As the markets across the country starts reopening and operations begin in a graded manner, we are introducing ‘Wishbox  2.0’, a host of customized and highly flexible financial solutions, aimed at reinstalling customer confidence and empowering them to buy their Mercedes. ‘Wishbox 2.0’ is highly flexible and we are confident will instill customer confidence by offsetting some of their financial commitments. These smart financing solutions are one-of-its kind and are our own way of supporting our customers’ investments and addressing the prevalent market challenges. We are confident that ‘Wish Box 2.0’ will find value among the customers and create some positivity in the market, continuing its success story from 2019. We are swiftly getting back to business with gradual re-opening of our dealerships across markets following all the social distancing protocols and adhering to all safety and sanitization measures. We are confident, we will be able to operationalize the remaining outlets following the local authorities’ directives, soon.”


Key benefits of Wishbox 2.0

1. Three months no EMI

Customer benefits: No EMI for first 3 months- hence no postponement of purchase

Under ‘Wishbox 2.0’ a customer opting for a Standard Loan and Agility can avail of a EMI free period for the first three months.
EMIs will only commence after 3 months period of the 3/4/5 years loan as customized b by the customer


2. Step-Up 2020: Drive More Pay Less:

Customer benefits: Good for exchange & trade-ins and requires low financial commitment | Very low EMI for the remaining months of 2020 at 20% down payment
The ‘Step-Up 2020’ is based on Agility and empowers the customer to opt for a payment option suiting her/his financial convenience based on the availability of liquidity
Small sum as the EMIs for the first 6 months of the contract and regular EMIs starts from
7th month onward
This offer relieves the customer of any financial stress and builds the confidence for
making the purchase

3. EZ 10 or 10-year Finance scheme

Customer benefits: First time ever a 10 years loan tenure | Completely affordable upgrades for customers | Low EMI of Rs 1499/lakh
In a first of its kind initiative, Mercedes-Benz India is extending a customer’s loan tenure to 10 years. This financial solution is based on 5 years Agility and 5 years refinance, and an amalgamation of two contracts
The customer also has the option to opt for a guaranteed buy back after 5 Years.

 In addition, the customer can avail the benefit of lowest per lac EMI of INR 1499