Mercedes Unveils The EQS All Electric Luxury Sedan , Has Tesla Met It’s Match?

Mercedes Benz has always been the epitome of luxury and innovation across the world . It has time and again proven that they are a force to be reckoned with and in no way behind the competition . Mercedes Benz is committed to bringing more EVs to their portfolio and has now further strengthened that commitment by globally unveiling the EQS , the flagship Electric Sedan .

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Few moons back , Ola Källenius who has been responsible for Daimler Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development said “All systems are go. We are investing more than ten billion euros in the development of our EQ vehicle portfolio alone.By 2022 we will be bringing more than ten different all-electric vehicles to market. We will also be electrifying the entire Mercedes‑Benz portfolio and our customers will thus have the choice of at least one electric alternative in every Mercedes‑Benz model series, taking the total to 50 overall.”

New photo by Govind Gadekar / Google Photos

The EQS ticks all the boxes when it comes to being the perfect All Electric Luxury Sedan , which can stand up to the global competition ( Read Tesla ) . The EQS offers a mind boggling range of 770 kms in one charge , which addresses the range anxiety by more than a couple hundred miles and also will make the competition break a sweat . The All Electric EQS is offered with a  107.8kWh battery  more options will come in near future .  The USP of the car is that you  can get a range of 300kms by charging the vehicle for 15 minutes using a 200kW fast charger. The battery also comes with a warranty of ten years of 2,50,000km. The brand says that the batteries are high in  energy density and that a in house software manages the entire system , hence providing a fast charge and an extremely practical range .EQS will be available  in two variants- EQS 450+ and EQS 580 4MATIC. The EQS 450+ gets a single motor that drives the rear wheels and puts down 328.5 HP and 568Nm of torque and can go from 0 to 100 KMPH in 6.2 seconds . The EQS 580 4MATIC gets two motors on each axel which explains the all-wheel-drive system. It makes 516 HP  and 855Nm of peak torque and has a 0-100 KMPH time of just 4.3 seconds ( that’s some unreal figure for a car that heavy ) . Mercedes claims that torque shift between the front and rear axle on the EQS is much faster than any other mechanical all-wheel-drive vehicle and can even check the torque value 10,000 times per minute if needed.With that being said , the car can pe propelled to touch or even cross 3 centuries on the speedo but has been electrically limited to a max speed of  210/KMPH .

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On the design front , the car adopts a more coupe like look with a sloping roof line and curvy yet bold character lines flowing across the length  of the car . The front gets an even bolder treatment with a all black face and bold sharp headlamp units . A bar of light runs across the top of the front grille connecting both the headlamps . The car gets a generous black paint treatment which extends right from the hoof to the top of the car and till the boot line . The rear gets a bold line connecting both the headlamps making it look right out of a sci fi movie . The EQS will be offered with an option of 3 wheel sizes , 19 , 20 and 21 inches .

New photo by Govind Gadekar / Google Photos

The interior lives up to the futuristic vibe set up by the exteriors , first to grab your attention is the biggest screen at 54 inches to have ever been fitted into a car . It is spread in three parts , one for the drive , one as the central console and one dedicated for the passenger. The Rear passengers also get dedicated screens and all the gismos as it goes without saying this is the most luxurious offering by the german marquee.

The EQS comes loaded with entertainment , driving and safety features to the brim , even offers limited autonomous features like self parking , which we can expect to only being amped by the company in time to come . Currently only Tesla has been practically successful in creating a whole eco system around their cars with the perfect network of charging infrastructure and owners who swear by their cars but now with one of the biggest manufacturer coming to the party , it will be interesting to see how the picture of the entire Luxury EV segment changes over time .

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