MG Motor open their 1st Flagship Brand-store, Hector Bookings also Open now.

MG Motor has opened their first brand store in India located at Milestone Experian Centre, Sector-15, Gurugram today. The official opening for the MG Hector have also opened today with customer test drives scheduled to start from June 15th.

The carmaker aims open a total of 120 dealerships and further expand its network to a total of 250 centers across India by September this year. MG’s first flagship store, which will also house the brand’s sales operations, is a sharp departure from a typical car showroom. Promising a fresh automotive experience to all visitors, the store has been designed under the brand’s “Emotional Dynamism” philosophy with contemporary brand elements and slick color palettes.

On the exterior, the front fascia of MG’s dealerships adopts a unique façade grill in the shape of an “Upturned Mountain”, signifying the confluence of sky and earth. Inside, the store perfectly demonstrates the brand’s experience-first approach that aims to captivate all the 5 senses of its prospective customers through intelligent and creative elements.

Commenting on the flagship store inauguration, Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “Our first interaction with the customers in a creative and experiential environment is essential for the MG brand and creates a strong foundation as we begin our journey in India. The one-of-its-kind flagship experience store redefines the traditional car buying experience in India, in line with the demands and requirements of new-age customers.”

Visitors visiting the flagship brand store will be welcomed by well-known British cultural icons such as the Big Ben, the Union Jack, telephone booths and street lamps – incorporated as design elements. A 1965 MG Midget on display harkens back to MG’s legacy as a premium carmaker in the era gone by. There also is a large video wall of 36 connected TVs that plays artfully-created brand videos to further engage visitors with immersive content about the brand’s history and future vision. Then you have the “Engineering Corner” featuring the revolutionary 48V Hybrid engine – on display, along with engravings of other state-of-the-art features integrated into MG’s range of internet vehicles. And not forgetting the Live vehicle configurator where buyers can choose model, transmission type, and fuel variant, before proceeding to customize the look, feel and accessories that their MGs will come equipped with.

MG Motor has also moved to its new corporate headquarters in Gurugram, ahead of the MG Hector’s launch scheduled in the next few weeks. The self-owned property is located in the same building as the flagship store.  Designed under the “Queen’s Necklace” theme, the modern office space is designed to recreate the look, feel, and essence of a classic British street. Built under an overall investment of ₹150 crore, both facilities – including the company-owned flagship showroom on the ground floor – have received “Indian Green Building Council LEED India 2011 Core & Shell – Platinum & GRIHA v2015 – 4-star” environmental certification.

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