Petronas launches new flagship lubricant, Sprinta with UltraFlex

A subsidiary of PETRONAS, Malaysia’s national oil corporation, Petronas Lubricants International, launched its new flagship range of motorcycle lubricants, the Petronas Sprinta with UltraFlex™ technology today. The Sprinta range is formulated with the goal of resisting engine stress and promoting a longer life for the bike.


The new motorcycle lubricant range is meant to address the major requirements of bike riders who are in the need of better quality rides that are more reliable.

Giuseppe D’Arrigo, the Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of PLI commented saying, “For a majority of bike owners, motorcycle is the primary mode of transport for their daily commutes, usually under heavy traffic conditions. This potentially leads to extensive usage and heavy load on the motorcycle, putting a lot of stress on the engine.”

Bike stress is usually the result of high shear conditions, which happen due to severe mechanical stress as well as a higher temperature inside the engine. This leads to sluggish performance, and an annoying rattling noise.

D’Arrigo continued saying, “Combining our century-long expertise in lubricant technology and consumer-focused innovation, PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ technology is formulated with strong oil film that enhance oil stability to address the diverging effects of bike stress. Ultimately, our aim is to address the very issues that motorcycle owners face to provide better riding experience and longer bike life.”

“Our growth ambition is built on technology as a fundamental differentiator to continuously deliver superior products and services to meet consumer needs, while preparing ourselves to capture rising market opportunities.” he added further.PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ has been launched with a priority to capitalise on this large and exponentially growing market opportunity. The launch of the new range is a milestone for PLI in its goal to rank among the world’s top five lubricant producers.

The new Sprinta with UltraFlex™ will be launched globally in a matter of phases, from the 30th of March 2017.