Snoopdog is the Tesla’s latest celebrity owner !!!

Owning a Tesla seems to be on the most wanted list of many celebrities. The list of celebrities who seem to own and drive a Tesla model includes Morgan Freeman, Cameron Diaz, Will Smith, Steven Spielberg and Elon Musk obviously (wink wink)! The latest to jump into the list is the rap legend Snoopdog.


The famous actor from Long Beach, California, Cordozar Calvin Broadus who is also a music producer, a rap legend, one who has many aliases which makes him quite difficult to follow, has acquired a new Tesla Model X. The actor himself had posted a video of his cool acquisition in Snapchat which seems to have been picked up by one of his fans and posted on the YouTube.
The description in the YouTube video read, “The Dogg went to his Snapchat to show off his brand new white Tesla! This is the vehicle that drives & parks itself. Nice whip Mr. Dogg!”

Other social networking sites like Snapchat, Instagram and Reddit seem to be filled with the news about the Tesla’s new owner and we are sharing a few of this links here for you.


Off late, Tesla cars seem to be the pick of celebrities replacing the Toyota Prius, especially for its credentials as the go-green vehicle, one which the environment seems to be cool to live with. Elon Musk would never mind this, especially since the interest of the celebrities on his Tesla models will definitely increase the brand’s recognition and desirability, especially among the younger blood.

Tesla, the American auto major was launched in 2003 as a company specializing in energy storage and rose to fame with the launch of their first electric sports car Tesla Roadster in 2008. With the launch and commercial production of its car Tesla Model S, an all-electric luxury sedan, Tesla has established itself as a proper luxury electric car maker.

Source: InsideEVs