Tata Elxsi to help global automakers for autonomous vehicles development

When global car makers are looking seriously into Electric Vehicles (RV) and autonomous self-driving vehicles as the future for mobility, our very own home bred Tata’s Design and Technology services company Tata Elxsi seems to have a thing or two to offer them in their ultimate quest.

The technological arm of Tata, Tata Elxsi is all set to offer its advanced autonomous vehicle software ‘Autonomai’ to one of the top five of the world’s automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for their requirement in Research and Development (R&D) for driverless autonomous vehicle.


According to a statement from Tata Elxsi, the Autonomai software provides car makers and even automotive components suppliers belonging to Tier 1 category with a complete and comprehensive set of modular solutions to quickly build, test and deploy autonomous vehicles.

The comprehensive software solution provides support to a variety of sensors from cameras to radars and even light detection and ranging (LIDAR) by making use of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies available, leveraging them to their full potential and utilizing deep learning based algorithms to simulate and deliver many complex driving scenarios one might expect from the use of driverless cars.

This close working of Tata Elxsi with top auto makers will not only ensure the availability of the software to the OEM manufacturers but also be a real-time knowledge gathering for the company to try and take feedback from the existing setup and to enhance its software to be more practical and reliable.

“We are delighted with this latest win for Autonomai by one of the world’s top five car OEMs,” said Nitin Pai, senior vice-president (marketing), Tata Elxsi. “Carmakers will need to ensure that self-driving cars are able to communicate with each other through technologies such as V2X, adapt to different driving conditions, receive real-time maps and over-the-air software updates. The value of Autonomai is further enhanced by Tata Elxsi’s world-class automotive software integration and validation capabilities, its portfolio of complementary next-gen solutions including V2X, e-cockpit and automated validation, and an award-winning HMI design team.”