Tata Motors might showcase a HEXA-based pick-up truck at the 2018 Auto Expo

The Hexa pick-up truck will compete with the likes of the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross and be positioned above the Xenon pick-up truck.

According to a report by GaadiWaadi.com, Tata Motors is developing a new premium pick-up truck based on the flagship Hexa. The car will be pitted against the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross. This particular Japanese pick-up truck has proved that there is a market for an upmarket pick-up that provides the comfort of an SUV and the convenience of a flat bed. Tata Motors will showcase the pick-up concept at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo and going by the response they receive there, the company will take a decision whether to get it into production or no. The excitement towards next year’s Auto Expo has already begun.

The Tata Hexa pick-up will be most popular in semi urban areas where owners might also take their vehicles off-road. So the pick-up will share the 4-wheel drive system with the said MPV. The concept could also feature the various drive modes from the Hexa and will share interior components as well. Tata Motors already has one lifestyle oriented pick-up truck in the form of the Xenon XT and another utilitarian pick-up called the Xenon Yodha. This will be the third pick-up model if launched later next year.

The Hexa pick-up will share its engine with the Hexa MPV. It will be most likely powered by a 2.2-litre diesel motor that develops 156 HP and 400 Nm. It will come mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, but it will interesting to see if the company also introduces the 6-speed automatic gearbox (less likely) that we so loved on the Hexa. The automatic gearbox would be a differentiating factor as none of its rivals offer one. So its going to all suspense till the 2018 Auto Expo if you are already excited about this new concept from Tata Motors.