TVS Apache RR310 Review

IMG_9662 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)TVS lauched the Apache RR310, their flagship product on 6th Dec, and we were there to cover the event. To know more details from the launch event, click here.

So, we were invited by TVS to join them in Chennai to test ride the TVS Apache RR310 on the Madras Motor Race Track, and boy was it fun! We got a chance to experience what all that technology, race aerodynamics and the TVS race factory’s 3 decades of championship wins have translated into. And to begin with, the RR310 brings you steps closer to what a Race Spec bike feels like, definitely the quickest and most agile bike out there in the Indian premium motorcycle market.

TVS Race Factory’s #PureRaceCraft Design

IMG_9665 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)‘If you wanna feel what a world class track bike feels like, Apache is the way to go..’
From the looks of it, it resembles a Shark. TVS has designed the RR310 with a raked high tail and a forward weight bias, to make the body streamlined. This setup demands an aggressive sitting position from the rider, but the cockpit is welcoming and comfortable. The riding position though, is not as committed as the KTM RCs or Yamaha’s R15, R3. The foot pegs are positioned such that require you to bend your knees backwards, and your upper body on the tank, helping build better confidence and control on the machine. Simply put, the RR310 is designed for the ultimate track experience and we thank TVS for pushing up the benchmarks. The Bi-LED Twin Projector Headlamps are a first in its class, and provide enough lighting even for the darkest of nights.

IMG_9617 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)The RR310 uses a trellis type split chassis, a bit different from the BMW’s 310. TVS has customized it for better aerodynamics and to achieve a low drag coefficient. The RR310 has the lowest drag resistance coefficient in its class, which allows it to attack aggressively like a shark. The light weight frame provides high dynamic stiffness and agility required to quick change directions. You’ll surely be the first one to get out of traffic on the RR310. TVS has partnered with KYB to source both the suspensions. On the front, the RR310 is equipped with 41-mm USD inverted cartridge telescopic forks, while the rear end is managed by a mono tube floating piston gas assisted shock absorber with a pre-load adjustment. What makes the RR310 more real world friendly is the suspension tuning,m. TVS has kept the tuning on the softer side, keeping in mind real world conditions and touring requirements, which makes taking on off-roads and cratered, broken tarmac quite manageable.

IMG_9640 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)The new engine design makes the engine compact, and requires less space than a conventional engine, allowing to mount a longer swing arm which aids better handling. The complete package provides a low center of gravity which ensures consistent uncompromised control, even in high speed, deep leaning angles. Just to give you an idea of what we are saying, we were easily able to scrape our knees in a couple of corners. The Aerodynamic body is inspired from a Shark and was designed and tested in a state of the art wind-tunnel facility, yielding in the best in class coefficient of drag.

The Ram Air-Intake system on the RR310 provides the best thermal management solution by channeling air towards the engine. The intake valves are beautifully integrated under the headlight assembly, such that a fresh burst of air keeps hitting the engine, thus keeping it cool even in high revving conditions. The heat dissipation is managed by the sporty gill vents, integrated in the Front Full fender design, which channel the hot air away from the engine. The design is such that ensures rider comfort, and diverts the hot air away from the rider, ensuring the rider does not feel like getting baked.

Control – Tyres & Braking

IMG_9607 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)‘It dosent matter how fast you can go, it does matter how fast you can adapt to changes.’
Said that, the Apache RR310 offers the best handling & control a person in India can experience in just 2.05 lakh ex-showroom. The trellis frame and the KYB suspensions are matched to 17 inch rims on both the ends. On the front, the RR310 comes equipped with a 110/70- 17 tubeless tyre, while the rear comes equipped with a 150/60-17 tubeless tyre, both from Michellin. These soft rubbers provide good traction and aid in the overall braking.

IMG_9622 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)To manage the braking, the RR310 comes equipped with a 300mm petal type disk on the front, and a 240mm petal disk on the rear, paired to a Race-spec dual channel ABS from Continental. The brake calipers and Master cylinders are sourced from Bybre and are DOT4 oil compliant. Steel braided lines are used for crisp braking experience, it also helps to maintain the bike as the service interval gets increased. This complete setup performs amazingly in tune, delivering unmatched braking performance and boosting the riders confidence to push the bike on flat outs, or lean into deepest of corners to a a new level.

Weight & Ride Dynamics

DSC02138 (Copy)‘If you want to travel faster or further into the unknown, you’d always want your machine lighter & easy to manoeuvre.’ The RR310 weighs just a mere 169kgs. The light weight frame and compact engine design complimented by the light-weight swing arm, make the RR310 a corner eating machine, and you can manoeuvre the machine corner after corner without any efforts, with minimum load on your shoulders. The seating position and seat design is such that aids support to the lower back. The RR310 is suitable even to people as tall as 6’4ft -6’6ft. The tank & body design is such that can accommodate even the longest of knees, and allow you to actually hang your body weight on the tank, and not on the footpegs. That’s the way pro track riders ride. The saddle sits at 810mm, and is 2001mm wide. The secret to better cornering stability is the shorter wheelbase, concentrated centre of gravity and a long swing arm, and the RR310 checks on all the boxes. The fuel tank capacity is just 11 litres though, one can expect a range of 250 kms on a full tank.

Engine, Transmission and Clutch

IMG_9615 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)‘If you are confused, go flat out..!’
The new RR310 is powered by the exact same engine from the BMW’s 310cc, offering set to launch in the 2nd half of 2018. This reversed inclined 312cc mill produces 34bhp@9700rpm and a maximum torque of 27.3NM @7700rpm. TVS has used light weight KS cast pistons and piston rod with air cavity, which reduces the overall load on the crack by a good 6-8%. The block piston is nanofriks coated which significantly reduces friction and allows for better smooth power delivery. On the upper end, the RR310 uses a Diamond polished button-tappet arrangement type Dual Over Head Camshaft setup, which ensures no dip in performance even of continuous high speed revving. The cylinder downdraft port further enhances the performance by increasing the volumetric efficiency by a significant 8%.

Answering what most of you are waiting for, the RR310 crosses 60kmph in 2.93secs, 100kmph under 7 secs, and can touch a top speed of 165kmph. Unlike the BMW engine, the Apache RR310 gets a different ECU tune, something TVS has developed with inputs from Racing champions for 1000s of laps on the race track. The engine uses Liquid cooled Oil Coolant Technology, which ensures efficient heat dissipation and allows the engine to cover longer stretches even under hard revving. The exhaust is a one piece setup coming out directly from the rear side of the engine, a first from a Indian OEM. This reversed inclined technology makes the engine compact, and results in a better CG.

IMG_9631 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)The power delivery is managed by a track tuned 6 speed negative back racked gearbox, which means good bye to false neutrals and ensures precision shifts and allows for a quick launch, definitely something you would want when you are on a race track. To complete the powertrain, the RR310 uses a 8-plate wet clutch system for crisp power delivery and a EFI system custom tuned by TVS race factory specially for track environment. The RR310 uses a 17/41 sproket setup, for better initial power delivery. The engine breathes and cools through the ramp vents in the headlight assembly, channeling the air directly on the engine.

Looks & Features

IMG_9655 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)The Apache RR310 is undoubtedly the best looking motorcycle in its class. The fit and finishing is premium, the body parts joints are smooth and look precise and complete. Currently TVS offers the RR310 in just Red and Matte Black color. The Metal TVS horse sits on the tank sides, and add to the premium aspect of the bike. The RR310 comes equipped with a first in its class BI-LED Full time Twin projector headlamps, which offer clear visibility even in harsh racing conditions. The tail lamp adds to the styling factor, and is LED lit. All signal lights installed use LED type setup. The hazard lights are also integrated in the instrument console, keeping in mind the touring aspect.

IMG_9648 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)The digital instrument cluster is vertical oriented, and looks somewhat odd, though that’s a personal opinion. In terms of technology though, we are already sold. It has a On-Board Race Computer integrated into it which provides lap timing, gear shift indicator and race diagnostics. Now, how cool is that! Other than that, the Digital instrument cluster houses a short horizontal but precise fuel indicator and temperature gauge, a vertical RPM band, and a digital speedometer. The gear indicator sits right at the bottom. It provides other information like real time mileage indicator, digital temperature indicator, service indicator and side stand indicator.

IMG_9629 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)The instrument cluster is surrounded by 10 different signal lights providing real-time information to the rider. On the top are 2 direction-wise signal indicators, low fuel indicator, Neutral light, High beam indicator, and ABS ON indicator, the gear shift indicator is on the right hand side, and the EFI ON indicator, engine malfunction indicator, Engine overheat indicator, low battery indicator sit at the bottom. The switch gear used offer a premium feel, and all electronics are designed to be water proof. No more fear of getting stranded due to wiring problems and blowing fuses I guess.

Final Verdict

IMG_9651 (FILEminimizer) (Copy)The Apache RR310 certainly gets you one step closer to what it feels to ride a world class bike. The engineering and Race spec aerodynamics and technology used on the RR310 makes it the best value for money Race spec motorcycle, which can be your first step into World class racing. TVS racing has dominated the Indian Motor Racing championships, and with the RR310, it seems they are set to make a mark on the Global Motor Racing platform.

The RR310 is a bike built by Riding champions, keeping in mind the real world requirements. The suspension and Rim alloys are modified from the original BMW tune to suit offroads and take a hit from deepest of potholes. The RR310 looks really appealing and premium for the price TVS is asking for. Yes, it does miss out on slipper clutch, but we don’t really feel the need of one in our daily life. Frankly speaking, if we had 2.05 lakh Rs while on the track, we would have paid TVS and got the RR310 home.

TVS will commence delivery of the Apache RR310 from 25th Dec with a price tag of approximately 2.05Lakh Rupees (ex-showroom).