BluSmart Unveils State-of-the-Art EV Charging Hubs

BluSmart, a provider of ride-hailing services and EV charging infrastructure, unveils its ‘BluSmart Charge’ App, now accessible on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This latest application expands BluSmart’s charging offerings to all EV users in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, catering to both fleet operators and individuals, ensuring unmatched convenience and meeting various EV charging requirements. Concurrently, BluSmart marks a significant achievement with the inauguration of its 50th EV charging hub.

New item by Neha Gharat / Google Photos

The BluSmart Charge App delivers on the ARC commitment—Accessible, Reliable, and Convenient charging for everyone. Essential functionalities of the app comprise:

  • Streamlined Charger Discovery: Effortlessly locate chargers tailored to your vehicle’s needs, complete with suggestions for compatible charging connectors and live updates on station availability and status.
  • Digitalized Entry and Exit: Enhanced safety with a digitalized entry and exit system at BluSmart charging stations.
  • Integrated App Solution: One app catering to both fleet operators and individual users, ensuring a unified experience.
  • Smooth Payment Integration: Secure and simplified payment procedures for all users, enabling convenient access to charging services while on the move.
  • Centralized Fleet Management Platform: Empowers fleet operators to monitor charging sessions and payments seamlessly through a dedicated dashboard.

BluSmart unveils its advanced EV charging hubs, spanning 1.8 million square feet with 5,000+ fast and slow charging stations, powered by green energy. Strategically located in prime areas like malls and corporate parks, these hubs offer superior design and minimal queuing, boasting a capacity utilization of 25%.

CEO Tushar Garg highlights the launch of the BluSmart Charge App, aiming to revolutionize the EV industry with seamless charging. Co-founder Anmol Singh Jaggi emphasizes BluSmart’s commitment to expanding India’s EV infrastructure and fleet network.

As the first mobility player in India to achieve 100% emissions-free status, BluSmart’s fleet of 7,500+ EVs has completed over 14.9 million trips, covering 492 million electric kilometers and saving 35.7 million kilograms of CO2 emissions since 2019.