Bounce Unveils Infinity E1X Variant: Swappable Battery Option at INR 55,000

New item by Neha Gharat / Google Photos

The Infinity E1X will hit markets nationwide starting June 2024 and is adaptable to accommodate various new battery-swapping networks, as stated by the company.

Bengaluru’s electric vehicle startup, Bounce Infinity, has unveiled a new battery-swappable iteration of its renowned Infinity E1 scooter. Dubbed as the Bounce Infinity E1X, this variant is slated for a nationwide release starting June 2024. Priced between ₹55,000 to ₹59,000 in the market, the E1X is crafted to seamlessly integrate with leading battery-swapping networks across India.


The E1X presents two-speed options, achieving speeds of up to 55km/h and 65km/h, meeting various user requirements. Integration with multiple battery-swapping networks necessitates minimal adjustments for the scooter. Users can effortlessly exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones at any network station. Additionally, Bounce Infinity is developing a swifter variant with a top speed of 92km/h for specific export markets.

The CEO of Bounce Infinity, Vivekananda Hallekare, underscores the immense potential of India’s electric vehicle sector. He points out that despite India being the world’s second-largest two-wheeler market, the full advantages of EVs have yet to be fully realized. Hallekare sees EVs as presenting substantial innovation prospects, such as reducing vehicle costs by separating battery expenses from the vehicle itself.

Bounce Infinity introduces a significant price drop for its E1+ scooters. In a recent update, the company has slashed prices by 21% on its E1+ series of electric scooters. The E1+ is now available at ₹89,999, down from its previous price of ₹1.13 lakh (ex-showroom). Featuring removable batteries that can be charged using a 15Amp wall socket, the E1+ offers quick charging capabilities and an extended range.