Hyundai seeks to renew fuel-cell technology push with long range SUV

Hyundai intends to pull one up over its rivals Toyota and Honda by reportedly preparing for a launch of a new fuel-cell hydrogen SUV next year, thereby providing Hyundai with a driving range that far surpasses its aforementioned rivals. Reports say that the South Korean car company intends for the unveiling of the new model to coincide with the Winter Olympic Games being held at Pyeongchang. According to Bloomberg, the vehicle could even obtain a range of up to 500 miles (around 800 km)


This model is likely a response to Hyndai’s poor presence in the development of fuel-cell vehicles; as Hyundai’s head of technology, Kim Sae-hoon had previously admitted that the car company had fallen behind in the race to develop mainstream fuel-cell vehicles but that he wants that to change.

The new model is marked to be a turning point for Hyundai, one that they hope will eventually develop into the company becoming one of the main players in the field of new, developing technologies. Kim Sae -hoon had said that Hyndai intends “to lead the changes in terms of technology. When there is industrial restructuring and emergence of new technologies, it gives a new opportunity to us”.
Hyundai has confirmed that the designs of their fuel-cell power-trains are such that their size is comparable to an internal combustion engine, allowing it to be developed with the utilization of hydrogen systems for a host of models. This design is intended to be the baseline for the next set of fuel-cell models to be developed by Hyundai.

Hyundai was the first automaker to have mass produced fuel-cell vehicles, but have trailed behind their Japanese competitors in feul-cell vehicle sales for several years. This SUV is planned to finally bridge the gap that was created between the Korean company and its rivals, and to eventually overtake them, re-securing their position as one of the leading bodies in this market.

Pic source: Carscoops