Honda Activa 6G 110 BS6 Road Test Review – Good times ahead?

Honda Activa has been the Scooter of India from the 1999. In fact the Activa has been the best selling two wheeler in India for the past some time now outselling its rival scooters and even motorcycles by a huge margin. Now with the emission norms coming in Honda updated the Activa 125 first and now the Japanese giant has updates the best selling Activa 110 to meet the strict BS-6 norms. We ride the latest Honda Activa 6G outside Mumbai to get you this road test review which will let you know what all has really changed on the scooter with this latest update and if it still remains the best scooter currently available in the country, read on to know all.


Food For Thought

Honda launched the Activa in India in 1999. Honda has sold over 1 million Activas in just 5 months in India creating a unique record. Honda sells the Activa in India as three models- Activa 6G, Activa 125 and the Activa-i. The Honda Activa 110cc model is the biggest and best selling model from the Japanese brand selling over 2,00,000 units every month. With the Activa Honda became the first company to reach the 2.5 crore sales mark in the scooter segment. The Honda Activa rules over 57% of the Indian two wheeler market share and every second scooter sold in India is the Activa.

First things first the all new Honda Activa is now with it’s all new BS-VI engine and is called the Honda Activa 6G & comes with 2 variants, (Standard Variant & the Deluxe Variant). The Honda Activa 6G weighs 107 kg, where as the previous Activa 5G model was weighing 109 kg so an overall of 2 kg weight reduction, the scooter did feel quite lite while we were riding it and also easier to maneuver.

The reduction of weight has taken place due to it’s new Frame Material and the new Engine Development. The Activa 6G comes with a full metal body which makes it stronger and more reliable. Overall Honda claims that the mileage is increased by 10% over the Activa 5G.

The Activa 6G may not have much of visual changes but yes it does have a couple of changes which still makes it one of the best scooters for India. The USP of the all new Honda Activa 6G is that it’s at par with the global standards all thanks to Honda’s latest ESP ( Enhanced Smart Power) technology, this helps the scooter to start without any brush sound. The ESP technology has a combination of a few other technologies, the ACG starter which uses the same AC generator used to give current and charge the battery while riding.

This also omits the conventional starter motor which gives it a smoother & a sound free ride along with a noiseless start. All new Activa 6G comes with a new start stop engine switch which is 1 of the most noticeable change in the scooter. And with that it also gets an external fuel lid which is placed after the rear passenger seat, which makes it convenient for fueling up without the rider or the pillion having to get off the scooter.

The Activa 6G comes with a new suspension setup. The front suspension is telescopic and the rear one is a monocross suspension with 3 adjustable steps for a much easy ride. To match the amazing front telescopic suspension the front has got a new 12″ tire size for an amazing grip, better maneuvering and also give you a comfortable ride over the potholes.The Activa 6G has become taller and spacious with an increase wheelbase by 22mm and an increase ground clearance of 180mm, that is an increase of 18mm over the Activa 5G. Activa 6G has got better leg space then the previous Activa 5G. Rider with a UK10 foot size can place his foot comfortably on the 23mm increased foot-board. Honda Activa 6G has got a slightly bigger seat which is very comfortable for the passenger and the pillion.

As Mentioned earlier the Activa 6G comes with 2 variants Standard Variant & the Deluxe Variant. Only difference between both the variants is that the Standard One comes with the halogen headlamps and the Deluxe one comes with LED headlamps.l but Honda Activa 6G missis out on the DRL. As the other brands in its segment have started giving and much informative digital culture the Honda Activa 6G still provides the same analog display just a minor change is that the Instrument cluster gets a badging of PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection).

The scooter we were riding was the Deluxe Variant and with their new Glitter Blue Metallic color which is a little darker than the earlier Blue which was offered in the Activa 5G. All in all the first impression after riding the Honda Activa 6G, is that it’s a much smoother and refined scooter which handles really well may it be on the potholes in the city or even in the curvy roads on the highways.

And with the comfort and reliability on the Activa 6G consumer can also opt for an extended warranty upto 6 years that is an additional 3 years over the standard warranty offered by Honda.  Honda Activa still remains the most preferred and affordable scooter in India.


Words – Neville R. Barsivala
Photography/Video – Govind Gadekar

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