Hyundai Unveils the CVVD engine, their latest, fuel efficient and cleanest

Hyundai has revealed plans to introduce a World First engine technology developed by them called ‘Continuously Variable Valve Duration’ (CVVD). They plan to launch cars with this engine technology as early as later this year starting with the All New Sonata. These latest engines will power both Hyundai and Kia car models.

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The latest technology engine was revealed at Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang on Wednesday alongside the Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi the first engine to feature the technology.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

What exactly is CVVD technology? In simple terms CVVD is an extended version of variable valve timing (VVT), except instead of controlling just valve timing in terms of the opening and closing schedules, CVVD regulates the duration of the valve opening and closing as well as the timing of when these sequences happen.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

As per Hyundai this latest engine technology with help boost performance by 4 per cent and help increase fuel efficiency by nearly 5 per cent. On the Emissions front too there will be a cut of upto 12 percent on this new engine.

“The development of the CVVD technology is a good example how Hyundai Motor Group is strengthening our powertrain technology,” said Albert Biermann, President and Head of Research and Development Division at Hyundai Motor Group. “We will continue our innovation efforts to bring forth paradigm shifts and ensure sustainability of our business model.”

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

Unveiled alongside the new CVVD technology is the new Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi Engine, a V4 gasoline turbo unit with 180 horsepower and 270Nm of torque. The new powertrain is the first to utilize the Group’s new CVVD technology and also features Low-Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (LP EGR) to further optimize fuel efficiency.

The new Smartstream G1.6 T-GDi engine will be applied in the Hyundai Sonata Turbo, which is set for introduction in the second-half of this year. This premiere will mark the first in a series of new Hyundai and Kia vehicles featuring the engine. Information on first Kia vehicle to feature the engine will be revealed later on near the vehicle’s launch date.

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