Hyundai’s social message for this Mother’s Day

Let us admit it. Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in life. You have to shower love, show enough care and when time requires one, you have to be as strict as it gets to ensure your loved one does not wander off into the wrong path. Many a times, many of the little of the children’s decisions need to be taken by her. And that makes the woman, well, the MOTHER.

This International Mother’s Day, Hyundai seems to have threaded the celebration with the importance of a social message in its own unique way and we do like it a lot.

Hyundai Motors India Limited, the country’s second largest manufacturer of automobiles and the largest exporter has released a unique social marketing campaign to celebrate the “Mother’s Day”. The campaign through its film #ToughLove respects all the mothers for saying “No To Underage Driving”.

Hyundai-Mother's Day-grab-featured

On the release of the Mother’s Day film, Mr. Puneet Anand, Sr.GM & Group Head- Marketing said, “Hyundai has always been an advocate of Safe and Responsible driving. Our long term Road Safety CSR campaigns #BeTheBetterGuy under the aegis of Safe Move have strongly focused on Behavioral Change among masses. The ‘Underage Driving’ is a serious issue in the society with extreme consequences. Mothers play a crucial role in encouraging responsible behavior and inculcating the right values in children. To celebrate and Salute the spirit of their courage for being a tough mother, we dedicate this inspiring #ToughLove film to all the Mothers on this Mother’s Day.”

The film, released on YouTube, depicts teenagers who are angry at their moms for not letting them ride and drive their automobiles. The Youngsters are shown being restless, angry and irritated but feel restrained by their moms while riding as a pillion on a scooter, as a passenger in a car, a school bus and local train. They feel their mother is too tough on them. The video ends with a mother smiling, a smile which has a deep meaning of understanding her son or daughter’s safety as more important than their wishes.

Thank you Hyundai for making this Mother’s Day even more special. You can watch the social message video here: