Industry beat – Interview with Siddharth Agrawal Director Godawari E-mobility

Godawari E-mobility Pvt Ltd, a part of the Chhattisgarh-based Hira Group, will invest up to Rs 150 crore by 2023 for setting up an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing unit at Raipur and launch new products as it looks to expand in south and west Indian market, according to a senior company official. We have a straight talk with Mr. Siddharth Agrawal – Director, Godawari E-mobility Pvt Limited about the current E-Mobility market and his future plans with the company.

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  1. What was the reason behind forming Godawari E-mobility?
    1A.the reason behind forming Godawari emobility Pvt ltd, was adding business diversification to the existing steel business and a vision for giving self-employment to millions who could otherwise not get bank financing with a environment friendly, non-polluting vehicles.
  1. Are you happy with the E-mobility policies here in India?
    2A. The government is working with a clear long term vision for e mobility, with a road map , with policies on making ev acquisition cost affordable , creating charging infrastructure for decreasing the range anxiety and different state subsidy and promotional policies to promote EVs


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  1. How is the E-mobility industry evolving?
    3A. E Mobility is evolving rapidly in 2 wheel space due to increasing fuel prices and with better ev products hitting the markets. E buses are another segment growing rapidly, the 3 wheeler and car segment is showing acceptance, and will explode once the changing infra is set up.
  1. How do you see your company in say the next 10 years?
    4A. Eblu will be having the complete ev range, with e cycle, e scooter. e bike , e auto . e loader and e rickshaw, we want to pitch in the top 5 companies in ev space .
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  1. Any message you want to give to the industry or to the Government?
    5A. We want the government to work on charging infrastructure at a fast pace as without that the real growth in EV will not come and standardise the main components for different category like chargers , motors , battery etc.
  1. Do you see India as a E-mobility driving force globally?
    6A . Yes India will be a big e mobility driving force globally both in sales volume and as a component manufacturing hub (motor / controllers / Convertors / Chargers etc)
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