Industry One to One – We speak with Vivek Sharma founder & CEO Fixcraft

We speak to Vivek SHarma Founder & CEO Fixcraft which promises to provide car repairs at lower prices than authorized workshops but with same quality that too from the comfort of your home.

1.When was Fixcraft started?
Fixcraft was started in 2018 by  me Vivek Sharma, with the idea to focus on car after-sales services. The need for a reliable car repair service provider that also is affordable formed the foundation of the brand.


2. How was the idea of Fixcraft bought into the market?

The idea kicked off with a basic need of options to get a good quality repair work done on my car. I realized that there were only 2 choices, either to go for OEM authorized repair shop, which was very expensive or to go to a local workshop where he could not trust on the                     quality of repair and parts used. This is when he identified the need and the idea led me to establish the brand- Fixcraft.

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3. What Fixcraft is offering in the market?
Fixcraft is more focused on car service management. Its portfolio of services includes- denting painting, detailing, interior deep cleaning, ac service and repair, and periodic maintenance. The brand offers reliable service for auto collision repair which has been the key ask of a                      number of people.


4. How many workshops does Fixcraft have?
We are headquarter in Delhi NCR-based brand, and are gradually widening its presence in the country. We began with two workshops in NCR and have recently announced the plans to set foot in Karnataka.


5. What are the expansion plans for Fixcraft?
The brand has gained a considerable customer base in NCR, and in line with the market analysis has planned rigorous expansion in Southern India.


6. What is your overview on ‘Sales & Service Markets current situation in India’

Until now auto service market has been very unorganized. Either there are local workshops with no guarantee of the quality of parts and procedures, or there are brand workshops that are expensive. To counter this there has been a long-prevailing need for multibrand workshops that offer quality within the means. If market reports are considered, then  India automotive industry is witnessing a surge in the number of post-warranty cars, eventually leading to the rise in demand for multi-brand car repair workshops. If trends are observed then, there is an approximate reduction of 40% between the cost of service obtained at a  Multi brand service centers cost compared to the authorized car service center. When one links this with the expected rise in the demand for used cars then all that is visible is a lot of scope for alternate car management workshops.

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7. Elaborate on the tech utilization in the model

Even today, when we send our car to service centre, it practically goes into a black box and we only see it at the time of delivery. We don’t really know what all work was done on the car and we have to rely on the invoice by service centres and pay accordingly. At Fixcraft technology is used to offer a more transparent experience. The entire update and live information are continuously shared over the Fixcraft app. It is very similar to what you see when you order food from all the food tech apps with step by step visibility of work being done. Fixcraft’s AI assessment tool leverages the technology for predicting the extent of damage and hence, cost and time taken for the repair by analysing the photos of the damaged part. This application has huge value from motor insurance claims point of view


8. What’s the current company’s strength?

Currently, Fixcraft houses over 30 employees working across 02 locations.


9. Till now how many customers has Fixcraft served?

Since its inception Fixcraft has served over 3000+ customers in Delhi-NCR

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10. How is the business bad after Covid-19?

Certainly, during lockdown when nobody was stepping out, people were not allowed to expose themselves, and also there were government guidelines, everything had come to a halt. However, due to the pandemic now people are opting for personal vehicle over shared mobility. This has resulted in a spike in the demand for auto service, and more so due to used cars seeing more demand.


11. Share your plans for the coming fiscal year.

As we see recovery from Covid wave 2, the fiscal looks very promising. We will be looking to expand geographically and will be present in top 5 cities by end of Mar 22, the company expects to grow 4X in next 12 months time.