JAWA BSVI Line Up Prices Announced .

Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd. today announced their BSVI models in India for Jawa and Forty Two.  The Jawa Perak is already BSVI compliant.

The 293cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder, DOHC engine now features India’s first cross port technology on a motorcycle. This has helped the motorcycles to retain their characteristic twin exhaust identity and meet emission standards while retaining similar power and torque numbers.

Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO, Classic Legends stated, “Riding responsibly is one of the core ethos of our brand as well as our Kommuniti and the Jawa and Forty Two were ready to take on the stricter BSVI emission norms right from the time they were conceived. This is the key reason why both these motorcycles have kept their character and riding pleasure intact even after receiving the updates to make them more environment friendly.”

Classic Legends has increased the price of the Jawa range by Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9928 across its Jawa and forty two models just like every other BSVI update across two wheeler industry .

Jawa old and new prices

Jawa Old Price Single ABS New Price Single ABS Old Price      Dual ABS New PriceDual ABS
Black 1,64,300 1,73,164 1,73,242 1,82,106
Grey 1,64,300 1,73,164 1,73,242 1,82,106
Maroon 1,64,300 1,74,228 1,73,242 1,83,170
Forty Two
Haley’s Teal 1,55,300 1,60,300 1,64,242 1,69,242
Comet Red 1,55,300 1,65,228 1,64,242 1,74,170
Galactic Green 1,55,300 1,65,228 1,64,242 1,74,170
Nebula Blue 1,55,300 1,65,228 1,64,242 1,74,170
Lumos Lime 1,55,300 1,64,164 1,64,242 1,73,106