Jeep ferry’s voters from remote villages in this new inspiring campaign

FCA has released a brand new campaign with the Jeep Compass. This inspiring video campaign shows the Jeep Compass ferrying voters from remote villages to the voting booth. These are the first time voters who don’t vote just because the distance between their villages and the voting station is far and there are no means of transport available. Watch this very well made video campaign right here.

The touchy and inspiring video campaign is Conceptualized by Leo Burnett India.

Speaking about the campaign, Rahul Pansare, CMO & Head of PR, FCA India said: “Brand Jeep is about taking on tough challenges. What could be a better opportunity to showcase what Jeep can do than the biggest election in the world?”

Rajdeepak Das, MD – India & Chief Creative Officer – South Asia, Leo Burnett, added: “This is such a powerful idea and a perfect reflection of Leo Burnett’s HumanKind philosophy that puts people at the centre of all our work. What better way to showcase Jeep’s capability than giving Indians who have never voted a voice? We have been living with this idea for over a year now, and it’s satisfying to see it executed.”

As per FCA – With the Indian general elections under way, Jeep brand walked the talk on its stance on the importance of freedom and the right to vote. Understanding the challenges on Indian roads, brand Jeep is aware that remoteness and inaccessibility due to tough terrain, extreme temperatures, lack of transport, etc. are critical factors affecting voter turnout. Because of these, personal challenges such as old age, young mothers with infants or walking miles in the scorching heat become huge hurdles.

In keeping with its mantra of ‘Go anywhere. Do anything’, brand Jeep mapped out some of the most inaccessible areas for voters based on distance, landscape and accessibility, and identified a few villages whose inhabitants had yet to vote in full capacity owing to the long and difficult walk to the nearest polling booth.

After almost year of research, mapping and planning logistics, Jeep arranged for a convoy of cars to ferry the residents to their closest polling booths. After multiple trips negotiating challenging terrain, several people were able to cast their vote for the first time ever.

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