Kia Launches Global CSR Program ‘Green Light Project’

Kia Motors has started its first ‘Green Light Project’ corporate social responsibility program in India with a two-week volunteer program in Anantapur District, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In partnership with the regional government, Kia is undertaking a series of projects to support vocational training and education at three educational institutions in the local community. At the Government Polytechnic Anantapur, Kia is working with Save the Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of children’s rights, welfare and education, to renovate classrooms and develop basic training modules for students hoping to work in India’s burgeoning automotive industry.

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The second institution is the Anantapur Industrial Training Institute (ITI), where Kia is helping to develop a driver’s license training scheme for up to 100 students a year. Kia is also supporting the ITI in establishing new job training modules, focused on delivering vocational information and communications technology (ICT) training for up to 100 local pupils each year to enhance their career prospects. Kia is also working with the nearby Government Polytechnic Hindupur to support the development of the local educational infrastructure. The company is donating a specially-modified vehicle, equipped with educational books and reference materials, to serve as a mobile school, visiting pupils from remote elementary schools each day. Kia’s new Green Light Project was marked with a ceremony attended by teachers and students from the Anantapur ITI, local residents, Mahaboobbee, Principal for Girls’ School at Anantapur ITI, Thulasi, Principal for Boys’ School at Anantapur ITI, Dilli Rao, Joint Collector at Anantapur government, and Dosik Kim, Chief Administration Officer at Kia Motors India..


“Kia’s Green Light Project will provide local communities in India with the opportunity to build better lives through improved access to education and better awareness of public health. Kia seeks to provide the means for residents to manage such facilities for themselves,” said Dosik Kim. “To date, our Green Light initiatives have taken place in communities across Africa and Mexico, and this volunteer camp aids us expand our corporate social responsibility program further added.”

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Happy Move Global Youth Volunteer camp

In conjunction with Kia’s support of local educational institutions, the brand is also supporting a Happy Move Global Youth Volunteer camp, which started on 14 January at the Anantapur and Penukonda region. As well as helping to establish more comprehensive vocational training, the Happy Move Global volunteer group is installing public water pumps and bicycle racks at the Anantapur ITI, and installing a public water pump in the nearby town of Penukonda. Volunteers are also on-hand to carry out maintenance work on other public facilities at the ITI and in Penukonda, and educate pupils in a Penukonda school about public health. The group consists of 120 volunteers, including 80 students from Korea, 16 Indians from the Anantapur region.


The Green Light Project

Kia’s Green Light Project is a global social mobility program started by the carmaker in 2012. The Project strives to improve access to healthcare, education and employment for disadvantaged communities, helping them to establish much-needed facilities. The program empowers local communities to improve mobility and self-sufficiency, and enables them to challenge and overcome any obstacle. With the establishment of each Green Light Project facility, Kia’s final goal is to be able to hand over full control to local communities, giving residents a ‘green light’. Since 2012, Kia has built 11 Green Light Project centers in eight countries in Africa, as well as Mexico. Recent completed projects include a Green Light school in Malawi and Tanzania. Green Light Project in India is the first of its kind in India, while Kia plans to expand the Green Light Project to help develop some of the poorest communities around the world.