Kia Motors introduces their healthy drive campaign ‘Kia Care’

Kia Motors India,  today announced its hygiene-focused healthy drive campaign called ‘Kia Care” to ensure high standards of safety in vehicle servicing. The campaign is an industry-first initiative where cars will be given sanitisation free of cost on first come, first serve basis. This programme comes on stream across Kia Motors India’s network of 192 service touchpoints in 160 cities in India. The ‘Kia Care’ campaign has been specifically designed by Kia Motors India to regulate hygiene checks across three major levels: Vehicle Safety, Network Safety and Customer Safety.

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Commenting on the new measures that have been introduced, Mr. Tae Jin Park, Executive Director and Chief Sales Officer, Kia Motors India said, “As a global leader in customer satisfaction initiatives, Kia Motors endeavours to offer the best in after-sales service. Our new ‘Kia Care’ campaign, which comes under the ‘Kia Promise to Care’ assurance, incorporates new hygiene checks and measures to ensure the health of our customers is not compromised. Given the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented this programme to cover not just vehicle hygiene, but that of our service centres and staff as well. The campaign allows us to offer peace-of mind to our customers to get their precious Kia vehicles serviced with utmost safety in these difficult times.”

After evaluating the fallout of the COVID-19 situation, the company has implemented comprehensive safety measures under the aegis of this campaign to promise a stress-free ownership experience to its valuable customers. The three stages of the ‘Kia Care’ campaign is a start-to-finish process that ensures complete sanitisation.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

Three Stages of ‘Kia Care’:

  1. The Vehicle Hygiene programme involves proper cleaning and disinfecting of the entire vehicle, inside out. It includes Top Wash for the exterior, interior cleaning (special attention to frequently used touchpoints like Steering Wheel, door handles etc.) with an anti-microbial solution and Fumigation of the vehicle. The fumigation process inside the vehicle is done with special equipment and a natural chemical which has sterilizing and anti-bacterial properties. This assures a hygienic cabin for customers by not using synthetically processed chemicals. The duration of the activity would be for 2 weeks at every dealership.
  2. In line with the latest Government guidelines, Kia Motors India has also laid down an in-depth Network Hygiene protocol for its dealerships and service centres across India that will encompass all facets of customer interactions, from the moment of their arrival to their departure at all touch points. This includes a three-shift sanitisation programme along with sanitizer’s availability, regular temperature checks for all customers and employees.
  3. The Your Hygiene part of the ‘Kia Care’ campaign is dedicated to customer health and safety. As part of the Contactless Digital Service (using Kia Link App), customers can enjoy complete online paperless & digital service with Pick-up & Drop facility as well as access to exclusive Mobile Workshops with zero physical involvement.


Additionally, the company has extended the duration of the Free Service under the Protection policy by two months to take care of delays in servicing due to lockdown. Kia Motors India will also update its customers regularly on the various hygiene steps it is taking through regular Kia Link notifications and SMS alerts.

The ‘Kia Care’ campaign will be competently handled by Kia Motors India’s highly trained dealership personnel. In these testing times, Kia Motors India is sensitive to customer sentiments and is undertaking appropriate measures to ensure their safety, health and peace of mind.

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