Launched – All New BMW F 750 GS and BMW F 850 GS Launched in India

BMW Motorrad has launched the 2018 version of the F 750 GS and the F 850 GS today in India. The 2018 BMW F 750 GS is priced starting at Rs. 11.95 Lakh while the 2018 BMW f 850 GS starts at Rs. 12.95 Lakh both for the Standard versions.

2018 BMW F750 F850

The all-new BMW F 750 GS and the all-new BMW F 850 GS will be available as Completely Built-up Units (CBU) and can be booked at BMW Motorrad dealerships from today onwards.Both the models are available in three versions, prices are as follows-

The three exclusive profiles – Standard, Pro and Pro Low Suspension options meet individual requirements.

BMW F 750 GS Standard INR 11, 95,000
BMW F 750 GS Pro Low Suspension INR 13, 20,000
BMW F 750 GS Pro INR 13, 40,000

BMW F 850 GS Standard INR 12, 95,000
BMW F 850 GS Pro Low Suspension INR 14, 20,000
BMW F 850 GS Pro INR 14, 40,000

The all-new BMW F 750 GS is available in Light White paintwork with black/red seat and Austin Yellow paintwork with black/grey seat. In addition the Exclusive style features the Stereo metallic matt color with hand protectors, wheel rims Granite Grey metallic, handlebar silver, electroplated radiator cover with large GS tape and black/grey seat.

The all-new BMW F 850 GS is available in Racing Red paintwork with black/grey seat and Rallye style that features Light White paintwork (with tapes Racing Red / Lupin Blue metallic), hand protectors, wheel rims anodized gold electroplated radiator cover with large GS tape seat and black/red seats. It is also available in Exclusive style that features Pollux metallic matt paintwork with hand protectors, fixed fork tubes anodized gold, Electroplated radiator cover with large GS tape and black/grey seats.

2018 BMW F750 F850

The all-new BMW F 750 GS and the all-new BMW F 850 GS feature a completely new look, which benefits from a more dynamic and masculine design. The design with its iconic features such as the asymmetric headlight and the GS-typical flyline make it immediately clear that they belong to the BMW Motorrad GS family. The characteristic flyline emanates from the front GS ‘beak’ (upper wheel cover) over and past the fuel tank and seat bench to the functionally designed and now considerably slimmer rear. The luggage carrier prepares for everyday eventualities.

The new LED headlight gives the front view an especially striking visual appeal. The daytime riding light function plays an important role for increased safety and can be switched on and off automatically or manually.The newly developed bridge frame is made of deep-drawn, welded components and integrates the engine as a co-supporting element to offer benefits in terms of torsional rigidity and robustness. The fuel tank has been placed in classic position between the seat bench and steering head for optimised packaging and an improved centre of gravity.

2018 BMW F750 F850

Both models feature the powerful 2-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 853 cc. The all-new BMW F 750 GS produces a power output of 57 kW (77 hp) at 7,500 rpm for dynamic performance. The all-new BMW F 850 GS generates 70 kW (95 hp) at 8,250 rpm to deliver supreme level of engine power. An extremely powerful and emotional sound is produced by a crankshaft journal offset of 90 degrees and firing interval of 270/450 degrees.

The newly engineered 6-speed gearbox transfers torque with an optimised transmission ratio. Power transmission via the self-amplifying anti-hopping clutch allows reduced operating force and also leads to lesser engine drag torque, increasing riding safety – particularly in the case of braking manoeuvres performed while changing down in gear. Cruise Control offered on both motorcycles enables pronounced comfort for long rides. For faster gear shifting without the clutch, the Gear shift assistant permits perfect acceleration with virtually no interruption.

The new GS models address individual rider requirements by offering ‘Rain’ and ‘Road’ riding modes, while the combination of BMW Motorrad ABS and the ASC automatic stability control ensures a high level of safety. Riders can choose optional riding modes – ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Enduro’ along with DTC dynamic traction control and the banking capable ABS Pro. Dynamic ESA opens up new dimensions of rider safety, performance and comfort.

2018 BMW F750 F850

Both motorcycles are equipped with a completely new instrument cluster design, consisting an analogue speedometer and multifunctional display. Fast and clear information is available with the optional equipment known as Connectivity, with a 6.5 inch full-colour TFT display. Integrating operation via the BMW Motorrad multi-controller, it gives the rider quick access to vehicle and connectivity functions. Phone and media functions can be used without having to install an app. The rider can easily make telephone calls and enjoy listening to music with Bluetooth connection. In addition, the BMW Motorrad Connected app offers everyday-suitable and practice-oriented arrow navigation directly via the TFT display.

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