Mazda is flirting with rotary engines once again!

Mazda has not been particularly decisive when it comes to usage of rotary engines in its cars. For the past two years, the auto maker has been sending mixed signals on the future of its automobiles- powered by a rotary engine and without it.


Recently, at the Geneva Motor show which had happened in March, the automaker once again gave a hint that it could launch an Electric Vehicle (EV) with a rotary range extender. This has once again re kindled interest and also hopes of a new rotary engine powered Mazda model. This news has also been published in the fall issue of Mazda’s official magazine, Zoom Zoom.

The publication talks about a possibility that the rotary engine technology is on the verge of coming back to mainstream and could in fact act as the sole propulsion system for an upcoming Mazda model by acting as a range extender or also be modified such that it can be run on hydrogen.


As per the magazine, “The rotary may indeed be on the verge of a comeback. As the primary power source, it may be comparatively thirstier as revs rise and fall and loads vary. But at constant and optimal rpm, such as experienced by a generator, it is ideal.”

“Little wonder that Mazda has experimented with using these delightfully small engines — one-third the size of a conventional petrol or diesel engine — as on-board power generators, or ‘range extenders’. There are other future possibilities. Rotary engines can run superbly on hydrogen, the universe’s most abundant element. It’s also very clean: combusting hydrogen produces only water vapor.”


People in the industry are of the opinion that though Mazda has been shedding a lot of hints about the rotary engine thingy, it still has not revealed anything substantial so as to arrive at a conclusion. It clearly wants to build a strong hype around its new model before Mazda announces about the same.

We also understand that a global rotary technology gathering will be held in September and the possibility of Mazda announcing its plans in the meet seems high. Let us wait and watch.