The spectacular Skoda Yeti to be replaced with 2018 Karoq?

Pretty much the oldest model in Skoda’s current lineup, the Yeti, launched in 2009, is all set for a makeover and remodel this year. The car is set to become a complete true compact crossover, and unfortunately, would be losing most of its distinctive style cues. The new version of the Yeti is set to stand just below the large seven seater Kodiaq, and would be borrowing most of its new design from the same.


Reports coming in from Germany speculate that the Volkswagen owned carmaker plans on starting afresh, by switching the ‘Yeti’ moniker, with the all new ‘Karoq’. It’s not possible to say that the entire customer base would agree with the name change since the bear inspired ‘Yeti’ title is a major part of the charm of the vehicle, and has been established as an iconic name among Skoda fans. It is said that the new label might be related to the village of ‘Karroq’ in Albania, however that can’t be confirmed at this point in time.


The rumours are coming forward due to Skoda registering a ‘Karoq’ trademark last month. The carmaker from Mlada Boleslav is also working on two other crossovers that are due up until 2019, which does add a hint of doubt to the rumours about renaming the Yeti. The newer vehicles will be taking on the shape of a Kodiaq Coupe and also possibly a subcompact crossover. If the Yeti does not face the feared name change, Skoda is likely to use “Karoq” for the smaller crossover, which is also easier to believe because the photos say “Model K” and “New Yeti,” which suggests that they’re likely to be two separate models.

Coming to the car itself, it is supposed to be Skoda’s version of the SEAT Ateca. Keeping with the usual Skoda design, the new compact crossover would be more spacious inside the cabin providing space for the passengers as well as the luggage to be stored in the trunk. The new Yeti or Karoq is expected to be powered by a variety of turbocharged four-cylinder engines. Some of these would be linked to an optional all-wheel-drive layout.
The Yeti replacement is expected to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and sales would begin by the end of the year. Skoda might decide to reveal it months before the actual launch, so our wait might possibly be cut short.