Wanna be a Wanderer? Read this

At times life gives you the feeling of running around in circles. Your day seems to work round the clock both literally and figuratively, is that really living? For some it may seem like a comfortable life, but there are some adventure seeking nuts who prefer to live life exploring the outdoors.

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The adventure seekers live life circling the outdoors, exploring new places on four-wheels and going places where no one would dare to go. Some call it the adventure lust, but it is the passion to live life to the fullest that drives us adventure enthusiasts.

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Driving over unchartered trails, tackling treacherous terrains, heading in the direction of the setting sun, to set up camp for the night, this is what an adventurous journey is all about. Yes, it does look all glamorous and beautiful on your Instagram profile and you become a little star amongst your friends. But there is a lot of preparation and caution one must tick off before driving off into the unknown.

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If one had to literally list down a to-do or must- have list, well it would be never-ending, so here is a list of essentials one must tick off at the least before you give in to your adventure lust.

Do you own a 4×4 vehicle? Well if you don’t, then driving off into the horizon on an open tarmac road is the perfect weekend getaway and that is where it ends. But, if you do own a 4WD vehicle, well you have opened an array of other places to explore that are off the open smooth tarmac.

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So, make sure you have a good rugged and capable 4×4 vehicle when you decide to head out and an adventurous weekend away from the city.

If you are one of those people who believe in “I prefer traveling alone” well, then things could end up a lot different that you would imagine. One of the basic principles of exploring the unknown is never do it alone. First, it is not fun alone and secondly, the idea being if things go south, there is always someone to get help or help you out of a sticky situation it could be anything from rescuing your vehicle to calling for medical attention.

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Yes, you could avoid letting them into your picture-perfect frame and use the hashtags solo traveler, but make sure they are there behind the scenes.

No, this is not literally the survival of the fittest, but to an extent yes, you got to be fit and prepared to take on any obstacle that comes your way. Be it starting a bonfire to keep yourself warm, cooking in the open with bare minimum, setting up and sleeping in tents, turning a deaf ear to sounds from behind the bushes (do not always do that), living with the bugs around you, understanding that warm water is a luxury and toilets are a blessing. Well if you are ready to rough it out, then you have won half the battle.

No, you do not need to carry formal shoes or stilettoes to an adventure getaway, unless it’s a destination wedding in the wild. But you need to make sure you have a pair of hiking boots, so your feet do not end up with blisters. Mosquito repellent is a must rather than a bottle of Paco Rabanne. Apart from essential toiletries and casual clothes (hope the word casual in your dictionary means jeans and t-shirts, if not well best of luck), carry chargers (so you can make sure your insta stories go up on time), a torch, because the phone flashlight is not enough, a swiss knife, a compass – in case google maps gives up on you and camping gear and equipment to make sure you can sleep at night, or just sleep in the car.

These are just a few things one must tick off before heading out, but like I said the list is never-ending, each to their own. I may not be so delved upon carrying my night face cream, but to some that is just what they need camping under the stars.

Nevertheless, take baby steps venture out into the open explore the unknown and you will understand and appreciate and cherish what life hast to offer you each day. Some people say, “the best way of learning and living is by traveling the world,” well, I completely agree.

Safe driving off the road!

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