Bollywood Star Varun Dhawan Pulled up by Mumbai Police Publicly on Twitter

No matter if you are a big bollywood star, law has to be followed by one and all. This was the strong message being sent out by the Mumbai Police when they tweeted a pic of the Judwa-2 star Varun Dhawan stretching out of his SUV to pose with a female fan who is seen seated in a autorickshaw on Mumbai roads earlier today. The actor was clearly not wearing his seat belt. Twitter has been seeing many retweets and replies to this pic tweeted by Mumbai police asking Varun to be ready to receive an E-Challan. The tweet by Mumbai Police said these adventures (stunts) work in the movies and not in real world. It also said that the actor had risked the life of his fan and a few others too by leaning out of his SUV to take a pic with the fan. The Tweet warned Varun Dhawan and asked him to be a responsible Mumbaikar and youth icon.

The tweet by Mumbai Police was seen trending for long on Twitter and saw many retweets and replies to it.The Actor himself replied back to Mumbai Police asking for forgiveness with folded hands, Varun said the cars were not moving as they were at a traffic signal. He said that he did not want to hurt the sentiments of the female fan seen in the pic and hence obliged for the pic. Varun also promised that he would keep safety in mind and would never encourage something like this again.

In the end all is well that ends well but we have to applaud Mumbai Police for pulling up the actor and going public with the tweet making it clear that no one is above the law. We urge one and all to use seat belts at all times while traveling in cars no matter on what seat you are seated on.