Buland tyre range launched by CEAT

CEAT (established in 1958), serves as the flagship company of RPG Enterprises. As of today, CEAT presents a strong presence in the global market as one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers. On the 24th of March, CEAT announced the launch of the new Buland tyre range for the small commercial vehicles (SCV) segment across the country.

Buland Mile XL Rib

The tyres will be manufactured in sizes of 10, 12, 13, and 14 inches; all of which will be compatible with SCVs from a variety of auto mobile conglomerates such as TATA Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, Ashok Leyland and Piaggio. The Buland range will be offered in three different patterns, namely, the Buland Mile- Xl Rib, Buland Mile-XL Sl, and Buland Mile-XL.

The Buland tyre range is made to meet growing business needs, with designs built around catering to these rising demands. It boasts a stiffer sidewall and a higher tread radius. The stiffer sidewall and shoulder are implemented with the intention to provide a high loadability, while the higher tread radius will allow for a longer life.

Mr. Nitish Bajaj, the Vice President (Marketing), of CEAT Ltd. commented on the successful launch of the Buland Tyre Range saying, “As the SCV category witnesses growth in the country, it became imperative for us to provide a range of tyres to the consumer that would provide distinct benefits as per their needs and requirements. We offer this solution with the new range of Buland tyres. CEAT has always been associated with superior grip and dependability and these qualities will be emanated through the Buland range.”

It is clear to see that CEAT, and by extension RPG Enterprises, seeks to make their new Buland Tyre Range a staple choice for the Indian Auto mobile industry, and with their successful launch, they seem confident enough in their ability to achieve it.