Kia Motors Corporation appoints Ho-sung Song as President

Kia Motors Corporation today announced the elevation of Mr. Ho-sung Song, Head of Global Operations Division, to the President of the organisation. In his new capacity, Mr. Song will spearhead the advancement of ‘Plan S’, the company’s mid- to long-term strategy aimed at progressively establishing a leadership position in the future automotive industry.

Mr. Song’s extensive experience across the automotive value chain as well as his expertise in overseas operations will be tremendous assets in the company’s transition to future businesses, which will encompass electric vehicles and mobility solutions. Prior to his current position as Head of Global Operations, Mr. Song has been successful in a wide array of leadership roles, ranging from President of Kia Motors Europe and Head of Kia Motors Corporation Export Planning Group.

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Kia’s Plan S strategy targets a shift toward electric and autonomous vehicles from a business system focused on internal combustion engine vehicles. By the end of 2025, the company plans to offer a full line-up of 11 battery electric vehicles. With these models, Kia is looking to achieve a 6.6% share of the global EV market (excluding China), while also attaining a 25% share of its sales from its eco-friendly cars.

Han-woo Park will move on to an advisory role and continue to support the company’s business objectives.

  • Ho-sung Song Career Highlights

–         Head of Global Operations, Kia Motors Corporation (Executive Vice President)

–         President of Kia Motors Europe (Senior Vice President)

–         Head of Export Planning Group, Kia Motors Corporation (Vice President)

–         President of Kia Motors France (Vice President)