A Lego Volkswagen Microbus and Atlas make their debut in Chicago!


Yes… You read right! With a custom-built display made of more than 20,000 Lego bricks, this week at the Chicago Auto Show, Volkswagen of America Inc. has recreated some of its iconic vehicles. The 2-feet by 3.5-feet display represents the “evolution of the Volkswagen design,” and showcases the cult classic VW Microbus, along with the recently unveiled seven-passenger 2018 Atlas SUV. This is the largest vehicle in Volkswagen’s lineup that will go on sale later this year.

Lego-Volkswagen-Minibus-Atlas-2017-Chicago-Auto-Show (3)

This colourful display captures the brand’s adventurous spirit perfectly. The vehicles are set against a landscape that make a transition from urban streets to the great outdoors. The Volkswagen Microbus is featured with a two-tone exterior made of blue and white Lego bricks, taking us back to the family camping trips of yesteryear. On the other hand, the Atlas model is constructed of white Lego bricks and highlights the capacity of the actual vehicle. Other features which stand out are a characteristic grille, accessorized black rims, roof rails, a rugged trailer hitch for hauling needs and the unmistakable front and rear VW badges.

Lego-Volkswagen-Minibus-Atlas-2017-Chicago-Auto-Show (2)

If we look at the outer appearance of the Volkswagen Microbus, it features a distinctive ‘V-shaped’ front end, and has rounded headlights, white-finished curved bumper, silver round side mirror caps, silver baby moon hubcaps and the Volkswagen badge. Special attention was paid to the two-tone body and the metallic hubcaps. The two models are created in a very artistic way amidst the surrounding structure, giving it a very environment-friendly feel to the entire concept. They stand out distinctly different from each other, showcasing their efficiency and uses. Volkswagen launches the new SUV in the US later this year and according to earlier reports, the pricing will start at roughly $30,000, while the top-of-the-line SEL model is expected to be priced from almost $48,000 upwards.