Mini to launch its fifth superhero Model by 2019?

Why superhero? Why not cars you ask?


Mini range of cars boss Mr. Peter Schwartzenberg had earlier revealed that the company is planning to trim the range of cars available. To add more, say drama, to the mix, he had equated the five core models as “super heroes”. He has made it clear that these models will form the core of Mini’s line up of cars in the future. There would be slight revisions here and there depending on changing tastes.

While that sums up the superhero part, question remains “Which superhero?”

We already know the current lineup of four “super heroes”

Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper Convertible
Mini Clubman
Mini Countryman

So who is that mysterious fifth super hero?

Well, speaking to Automotive news at the New York Auto Show last month, the global head of Mini, Sebastian Mackensen, revealed that the fifth superhero would be an electric and Mini is planning to put that to customers by 2019. Mackensen further added, “The electric car is not meant to just have an offering so you can say you have an electric car, but really nobody buys it. No, it’s a real car, and people will hopefully buy it.”


So, as of now, while it is clear that the last model will be an electric vehicle (EV), the question remains, what kind of shape will that carry? A hatchback, a coupe, a sedan? Mini had already presented the electric Superleggera concept quite a few times in the past. But till now, there is no sign when that electric car concept will see the light of the day. Will this be the one?

Also, there were quite a few talks regarding launch of a model Mini Rocketman which again has not been confirmed by Mini. Both are excellent concepts and would any day be able to fill in the fifth superhero spot. The only questions which remain are “which one?” and “when?”