Volkswagen reveals new model plans during its annual meet

Volkswagen, which is still reeling under the diesel gate scandal, had called for its annual meeting at its home turf in Wolfsburg, Germany this week to discuss on its future plan.

The major point of discussion was its “Transform 2025+” business plan which had a definite focus on the group’s future hybrid and electric vehicles. This was not the only item on the agenda. The meeting also revealed Volkswagen’s plan for the year 2017 and the slew of models it is planning to launch.

The first major confirmation is the production of the all new Polo from June which means that the stylish hatchback will be unveiled in the coming weeks.


Also, confirmed is the Golf based T-Roc compact crossover which shall be manufactured from the group’s factory in Palmela, Portugal for sale in European continent. This more or less confirms that the model will be revealed in the next couple of months. VW has already made it clear that the T-Roc will be ready for sale in US by 2019.


Coming to the bigger model Touareg, the production of the next generation model of the luxury SUV will commence in November at the group’s plant in Bratislava, Slovakia. The unveil of the Touareg will most probably happen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. We can also expect an online reveal of the same a few weeks sooner.


The business plan also revealed details about two other products. The production of an all new Polo sedan for the South American market shall be commenced by November. Volswagen has already planned it to name it the “Virtus”. December 2017 will also see the production of new “Jetta” for the North American markets.

VW has made it very clear during the meeting that the brand will push new models of SUVs in the coming years and one can expect atleast 19 models by the end of the decade.

While the brand’s earlier big car Phaeton is not to be seen in its immediate future roadmap, Volkswagen plans to launch it as a pure electric model by 2020.As of now, expect the newly launched Arteon sedan, featured during the meeting, to be the group’s top of the line model in the coming years.

You can watch the video of the VW group’s annual session here.