A “golden” initiative by the Dubai Police

The Dubai Police department usually comes to news for the kind of extravagant models they get to drive; right from ‘just’ BMWs to the Bugattis to the Lambhorginis. Now the Dubai Police are in the news for an entirely different reason. Recently, the police force seems to have awarded “safe drivers” as a part of the Department’s white points system.


A ceremony had been conducted recently by the department last weekend at the Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai in the presence of high ranking officials like the Commander in Chief of the Police Department and the Head of the Federal National Council. During the ceremony, the Dubai Police distributed more than 2000 prizes to the citizens honoring their safe driving in the princely state.

The top two drivers of the state, Bilal Atiq Bilal and Sara Juma Rabee Khwaidem, rated as the safest drivers, were honored with awards which included a pair of model cars made of pure gold; the models vaguely resembling McLaren P1s. The Police Department did not disappoint the other 2000 odd honorees, awarding them suitably.


The Dubai Police Commander in Chief, major General Abdullah Al Marri, said that the white points system encourages the citizens to drive safely throughout the country and get rewarded for the same. The awards handed over, hopefully, should encourage other people of the country to abide by the traffic rules. The white points system should help in achieving the department’s goal of zero accident deaths by the year 2020.

Though the initiative is a really good one with a social cause, it is a bit ironic though, considering the fact that the Dubai Police flaunt a lot of extravagant cars which the Police department of other countries only dream about. The Dubai Police can be seen with a lot of super cars like the Bugatti Veyron, BMW i8, a Lexus RC F and even a McLaren 650S which are put into duty while patrolling. Recently, a new viral video had surfaced on the internet in which the McLaren was caught racing with a drone. You can watch the video of it here.

Maybe the Dubai Police are interested more in preaching than practicing but hey who are we to complain!