Porsche Ends all Diesel Models from Lineup

Porsche has stopped production of all Diesel models from its lineup. This surprise decision came as a shock to many just a short while back.
Porsche says customers no longer want their Porsches in Diesel and the demand for the Diesel versions was shrinking rapidly and hence they pulled the plug on the oil burning models from the entire lineup. The German car company had said in last July that it would decide by the end of the decade when to phase out diesels for European markets and this sudden decision much earlier than expected, and far more abruptly may come as a shock to many of its fans and followers.
Porsche terms this as a cultural shift towards Petrol and Hybrid while some off the record also say that Porsche buyers are not so very confident about their Diesel versions after the Diesel-gate scandal that broke out some time back.
Where India was concerned, Porsche sold around 90% of the Ceyenne in their Diesel versions and the Ceyenne sales are nearly 70% of the total sales for Porsche India which means by pulling the plugs on the Diesel versions the India sales for Porsche could be largely affected. The Panamera and Macan were the 2nd and 3rd best sellers for the Indian market on the lineup but both in their Diesel avatars.
Porsche said in a statement the Macan S Diesel was “taken out of the production program” as buyer demand shifted to gasoline and plug-in hybrid versions. The other models have been also silently killed of their diesel variants. As per a report only 15% of the Porsche Panamera 4S sold were diesel, 35% were gasoline (petrol) while the largest sale that of 50% was of plug-inhybrid versions.
Diesel Porsche
Globally Porsche Diesel sees no demand while here those are the biggest sellers, another clear reason why the Indian market is very difficult to understand and master.