Skoda releases first sketch of their the KAMIQ SUV

Skoda has released the very first sketch for their upcoming SUV the KAMIQ. This will be the Compact SUV for all of Skodas markets including India and is a very important car model coming from the Skoda brand.

The front end of the Kamiq looks powerful and very confident in appearance. The Kamiq is a perfect city SUV and is defined by a wide, upright radiator grille, which comes with double slats, a typical feature Skoda design, and picks up the distinctively sculpted lines of the bonnet above. The typical Skoda tornado line makes the vehicle look dynamic along with the stylish roofline. The SUV sketch also shows stylish silver-coloured front spoiler highlighting its off-road powers. The face also gets an all new styling with new two-part LED headlamp design seen for the very 1st time on a Skoda vehicle. The daytime running light (DRL) strips are positioned above the headlights. The Kamiq will be the 1st Skoda vehicle to come with dynamic front and rear turn lights. The headlamp come with new age crystalline effects and LED units that make the SUV look very premium.

The Kamiq looks very muscular from the sides due to its body styling and tall stance. Good amount of ground clearance along with large set of wheels with diffuser make the SUV styling compleate and tough looking. The detailing looks neat with perfect balanced body styling. On the rear the Skoda ‘C’ styled crystalline tail lamps. The Skoda Kamiq will be the first SUV that will sport the ‘Skoda’ lettering badge in the middle of the tailgate instead of the familiar ŠKODA logo.”

The Skoda Kamiq is designed by Oliver Stefani who heads the design team for the SUV. The world premiere of the new Skoda Kamiq takes place from 5 to 17 March 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show. Stay tuned for more updates for the Skoda Kamiq which would be the perfect model in the Compact SUV segment from the Czech car maker.

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