Maxxis launch ‘MAXXCEED’ range of Motorcycle Sports tyres

Maxxis India, has introduced an exclusive range of tyres for the sports segment i.e. Maxxis M6311/M6312 under the MAXXCEED series. The M6311/M6312 tubeless tyres provide excellent control while riding along with greater resistance. The tyres are currently available for the replacement market across leading two-wheeler line-up like Bajaj Pulsar (150,160, 180, 200, 220), TVS Apache (160, 180, 200), Yamaha R15, Yamaha FZ, Honda Hornet amongst many more. Other patterns under MAXXCEED series are under production, will be launched soon. Built with technologically advanced design, the M6311/M6312 tyres creates greater surface contact area with optimal structural rigidity which gives better control and stability while riding at higher speed. Its curvilinear design becomes friendly and helps in cornering on wet roads. The custom designed zigzag pattern on alternate lugs relieves the stress upon tyres resulting in reduced shape distortion, improved performance and enhance the tyre’s total life.

The M6311/M6312 is supported by the industry-best 5+1 unconditional warranty with Maxxis 2-wheeler tyres. This unconditional warranty is a no-questions-asked offer that applies to all unserviceable and unrepairable tyres.

Commenting on the launch of the Maxxis M6311/M6312Mr. Chu Tsang Chih (Kurachi), Director, Maxxis India, said, “Over the years, Maxxis has built a strong legacy and excellence in producing finest sports tyres in the world. We are glad to launch the MAXXCEED series which will surely exceed the expectation of the customers in the segment. The M6311/M6312 series of tyres for the RE market that will rechristen the sports segment tyres in a big way. These new range of tyres marks Maxxis commitment to the India market and will bring out the zeal and fervour amongst those who long for performance. We have engineered these tyres exclusively for the sports segment that gives the right thrust as well keeps them in control while unlocking the performance of their vehicle.”

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

The closed grooves at the shoulder of Maxxis M6311/M6312 minimise the chances of cracking by providing additional support and resistance to the wear and tear forces. The tyres are available pan India across all Maxxis dealer outlets.


 The tyres are available in rim size 17 and 18.

Tyre Pattern Size Position Load Index Speed Rating Tyre
M6311 100/80-17 Front 57 P Tubeless
M6311 80/100-17 Front 57 P Tubeless
M6311 90/90-17 Front 49 P Tubeless
M6312 100/90-17 Rear 55 P Tubeless
M6312 110/80-17 Rear 57 P Tubeless
M6312 120/80-17 Rear 61 P Tubeless
M6312 130/70-17 Rear 62 P Tubeless
M6312 140/60-17 Rear 57 P Tubeless
M6312 140/70-17 Rear 66 P Tubeless
M6312 100/90-18 Rear 56 P Tubeless